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Raças e classes

Em relação ao PSO de Dreamcast, o jogador tem agora três novas opções ao criar seu personagem: HUcaseal, RAmarl e FOmar.


Descrição do manual:
Ótimo em combate a curta distância. Tem o potencial de crescimento mais equilibrado, e algumas técnicas de ataque e restauração
Descrição do manual:
Tem técnicas muito fortes, além de ser bem versada no combate a curta distância. Tem o HP mais baixo da classe dos hunters.
Descrição do manual:
Peritos no combate a curta distância, os HUcasts têm o maior potencial de ataque dentre as classes disponíveis. Não podem usar técnicas, mas podem usar armadilhas.
Descrição do manual:
Perita em combate a curta distância, com excelentes reflexos que resultam em alta precisão e grande habilidade de esquiva. Não pode usar técnicas, mas pode usar armadilhas.


Descrição do manual:
Ótimo em combate a longa distância. Tem o conjunto mais equilibrado de habilidades, e o mais alto potencial de precisão, além de algumas técnicas de recuperação e ataque.
Descrição do manual:
As RAmarls têm pouco HP, mas sua alta força mental compensa, proporcionando técnicas de ataque fortes que as ajudam nas batalhas a longas distâncias.
Descrição do manual:
Os RAcasts têm o maior poder de ataque na classe dos rangers. Não podem usar técnicas, mas podem usar armadilhas.
Descrição do manual:
As RAcaseals têm o maior potencial defensivo dentre os rangers. Não podem usar técnicas, mas podem usar armadilhas.


The FOmar. Oh the FOmar. He gets bonuses to the normal techs and Grants. He has extended Shifta & Deband range as well. A better meleer than caster, use weapons like a high hit Double Saber, and a high hit Rainbow Baton. Getting the Rainbow Baton will be detailed in the merges section. Make sure that your weapons have hit on them, because his ATA maxes at 163 (this is known as “very low”), and there’s no S-Parts to help him out.
Once again, we have a force that’s better for meleeing than casting. The FOmarl can also cast pretty well, just like the FOmar, but to a lesser extent, due to her having bonuses to support techs and Grants, rather than attack techs. Try outfitting her with a Rainbow Baton, and high hit gun. In addition to this, try carrying around a Caduceus. This is a rod-type weapon that can boost Grants by another bit, making the strength of Grants even better. She also can act as more of a support force, due to having double Shifta, Deband, Resta, and Anti range. This will definitely help if you are an online player and/or play a lot of multi-player offline.
FOnewm, the craziest of forces in my opinion. This class has a bonus to the normal techniques and hard techniques. Just in case you don’t know what those are; they’re Gifoie, Gizonde, Gibarta, Rafoie, Razonde, Rabarta, respectively. Can you say nuker? I can. Ahem, this class is just what I said, great for nuking. He can clear rooms in very little time. Walk into the middle of the room, cast Gifoie at a high level and watch as nothing touches you (maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the message). Anyway, try to get a Sorcerer’s Cane, which lowers TP cost by ten percent and has a Geist special (absorbs TP). Another thing to set your sights on is the Psycho Wand. An uber weapon, as most have dubbed it, this is a great weapon because not only does it halve the TP cost in exchange for the full cost out of your HP (IE: Tech costs 40 TP. With Psycho Wand equipped, tech costs 20 TP and 40 HP), but it boosts Ra techs by 30%. It’s a great weapon, and that’s why it’s so hard to get.
Alright, the FOnewearl. This is a great class in terms of casting. The FOnewearl gets the highest MST stat in the game. No other class gets higher MST than her. She also gets a bonus to all the simple techs, meaning she is a great one-on-one caster. Though I have found in my time of using a FOnewearl (I got to like, level 20 something, and only made it to hard mode), that she wasn’t efficient in clearing rooms easily. But that’s just my opinion and Cranberry will probably be sure to run into this topic and smack me with a giant Foie of d00mzorz in the face. Anyway, make sure that one of your weapons is the Summit Moon, which multiplies the damage of all simple techs by 1.3. This is great when added to the already self boosting that the FOnewearl has. A lovely addition to the already great FOnewearls is that they have piercing Megid, meaning episode 2 is much easier for them. Another thing is that they have doubled Resta and Anti range. This makes them also decent at support.

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