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Phantasy Star Gaiden (Game Gear)

Phantasy Star Gaiden was one of two games released for Game Gear in Japan. Gaiden means “parallel”.
The story took place at year AW813, 471 years after PS1 (which happened on AW342). The place isn’t Algol solar system, but another system called Copto, 1 light-year away from Algol, that was discovered by the same Alis from PS 1. The place is called Alisland.
The player starts controlling Alec and Mina. At the very beginning, you get to know that Mina is Alis’ daughter. However, it’s known that, in the japanese version, Mina was a clone of Alis.
Alis is back
Perhaps the craziest thing about this game is the return of Alis. At some point of the game, the group finds a criogenic chamber, and they wake Alis up.
Alis has changed her looks.
She also wears a mantle, no longer the skirt that she wore in Phantasy Star I.
And then the trio Mina, Alec and Alis goes to the final fight against the evil Cablon.
After the fight, Alis says that another big evil is coming, which isn’t in Copto, and she must go fight in Algol solar system. The game ends without making clear what’s that evil, where Alis went to and what happened to her.
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