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Phantasy Star II Text Adventures

Text Adventures?
The same way Sega released a couple of games with kinda parallel stories for the Game Gear, there was also something similar to Mega Drive (japanese Genesis). Phantasy Star 2 Text Adventures were 8 games, each one starred by a character from Phantasy Star 2.
The games were mostly based on text, just like PS Adventure, and the stories were about the past of every character, before they met on Phantasy Star 2. Fights were also based on roll of dice, and you couldn’t save the game. To play such adventures, you needed to: Read japanese, as the games were never translated. Have the special Mega Drive modem, because you needed to connect to Sega of Japan, or have the CD for Mega CD (japanese)
The stories were like this
⇒ Rolf - Rolf’s youth, facing trials and fighting some monsters;
⇒ Nei - It happened a few months before PS 2, with young Nei wandering alone, cast away from society;
⇒ Rudo - The history happened when Rudo was an officer of the government, hunting biomonsters that destroyed his home town and killed his family;
⇒ Amy - The young doctor went to a town to help people wounded by biomonsters;
Hugh - Strange creatures were infesting Motavia University, and Hugh was hired by the principal to investigate (if you think this looks like PS 4, it’s said that Hugh’s clothes were identical to Hahn’s, and there were enemies similar to Igglanova);
Anna - Anna must find thieves that intercepted information from Mother Brain;
⇒ Kain - Three years before PS 2, Kain ran away from the monotony of his towm;
⇒ Shir - The thief needed to steal a masterpiece called “Opa-Opa”.
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