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Phantasy Star I (Master System)

FM music
Japanese Master System had a FM chip, and some cartridges could play better songs. Phantasy Star 1 was one of those games. You can get to know how the FM music sounded downloading the japanese ROM from internet and using emulators that can play FM, like Meka or Massage.
1 billion mesetas
Phantasy Star 1 fans often come to a question about this fact. When you go to Motavia for the first time, a man offers you a rare animal for 1 billion mesetas. As you don’t have that money, he proposes to trade it for your Laconian Pot, and thus you get Myau, your fist companion.
Because the Laconian Pot is an important item, which later you’ll have to get back from dr. Mad, many people have asked themselves whether it’s possible to gather 1 billion mesetas and buy Myau. The answer is no. You can’t gather that ammount of money. The maximum you earn is 65,535 mesetas. Even if you kill more enemies, your ammount of mesetas won’t raise.
A cake for 1000 mesetas?
To reach the governor of Motavia, Alis and friends must buy a cake at Naura’s cave. The baker tells you that the shortcake costs 1000 mesetas.
However, for some strange reason, you spend only 280 mesetas. In fact, you don’t have to gather 1000 mesetas to buy the cake. Only 280 will be enough.
After finding Myau and Odin, Alis goes with her friends to the Governor of Motavia.
The Governor gives a letter that you’ll show to Noah, the last member of the group. After that, Alis, Myau and Odin fall asleep (in front of the Governor, how embarrassing!).
Then the group is attacked by Saccubus, a very strong monster. Because it’s still the beginning of the game, it’s almost impossible to kill it and the group loses the fight, but in the end it was only a dream. However, if everyone in the group is strong enough, it’s possible to defeat Saccubus.
But such an effort isn’t worth. Saccubus leaves only 10 experience points and not even a single chest of mesetas. The game goes on, the group wakes up and talks to the Governor.
Dr. Mad
During the game, Alis’s group fight against the evil dr. Mad and recover the Laconian Pot. Close to the end, when the group is on their way to Baya Malay to begin the long way up to Lassic, you must cross this cave to reach the lava.
This cave isn’t big. You start at the southeast part and must reach the northwest part to leave. However, at the southwest part, behind a corner, you find dr. Mad again.
The group is strong now, and you can kill dr. Mad in a few rounds, even without the protection magic.
However this second dr. Mad doesn’t leave any item, only a chest with mesetas. He always appears when the group passes by here, and he no longer has any effect on the game, he’s just another enemy.
Myau shot down
Anselmo Portes told me about this very interesting curiosity. To finally find Lassic, the group needs to climb to the next level of Baya Malay tower.
Up there, you give Myau the Laerma Nut and he (she?) raises wings to reach the sky castle. In the middle of the flight, the group is attacked by a Golden Dragon.
If Myau has few HPs, the Golden Dragon may kill him. But the whole group is sitting on flying Myau, remember?
Then, besides the message that Myau died, you also get a message “Alis and her company on Myau are tossed into the sky”. All the others die automatically and it’s game over.
Alis can’t die
Monocromático wrote about this curiosity. During the fight against Dark Falz, the last enemy, you can let Alis die.
If the rest of the group manage to defeat the monster, you get the message “Alis hears Nero’s voice in the depth of her soul; “You’ll be reborn to fight for peace again.” Alis ressurrected.” and the game ends as usual. According to Monocromático, this a pretty nice link to Phantasy Star Gaiden’s story.
There’s a situation that’s well known by phans, where the characters can get stuck in a part of the game with no possibility to move on. That happens when you go to Lassic’s castle and, during the fight, Myau dies.
The problem is when Myau dies, you used all of Alis’ magic points and you don’t have a Transer. It means you can’t get out of the castle.
Albert Viudes Dick showed another unexpected situation. It happens when you’re about to build your space ship and the last church you visited was Paseo’s church, on Motavia. When you manage to build the ship with Luveno, Hapsby can take you to new destinations.
However, if you use a Transer or Alis’ Fly magic, the group goes back to the last visited church, which means you’re back to Paseo.
That’s the big problem: you can’t use the space port anymore.
And you can’t go anywhere else either, because there are mountains and ant-lions around and, at this point of the game, you don’t have the Landrover.
Sega in Algol
There are references to Sega in two games of the series. In Phantasy Star 1 you find Miki at the city of Sopia and she asks you whether you like Sega Games.
Agora na versão Japonesa esta escrito (Já traduzido): “I am the gamer Miki-chan. Do you have a Master System?” If we reply YES, she says: “You are a gamer like me, aren't you? The FM sound is awesome!” And if we reply NO: “What?! Go buy one quickly!” If you want to know more about these dialogs, click the following link: http://gazetadealgol.com.br/blog/?p=1853
Very weird enemy hidden within the game code
In the posts of the Bizarre Week of Phantasy Star I (in the Blog De Algol: http://gazetadealgol.com.br/blog/?p=1766) it was found a really weird enemy labeled as the “Algolian Enemy John Doe” hidden within the game code. He is not only super-powerful, but also gives to the player nothing more an nothign less than 31855 XP, 22281 Mesetas and a Laconian Axe
Items: M. System, Zillion and Secret
Also hidden in the game code there are the items M. System, Zillion and Secret. “M. System” and “Zillion” cannot be used and, when we try to do so, a message appears saying “It's not necessary to use it”, which is teh usual message appearing when trying to use auto items like the Magic Lamp, Compass, Pass etc. The “Secret” item, on the other hand, is just the item shown in the Scion store. For more details, read the post of the Bizarre Week of Phantasy Star I: http://gazetadealgol.com.br/blog/?p=1818
How the characters attack without weapons
When we found Myau, he doesn't wield any weapons so, when he attacks, he uses his claws. This is easy to imagine and also logical. However, all the other characters are ALWAYS wielding some king of weapon and it's impossible to take their weapons off through an usual gameplay. If we use a code to leave the weapon slot empty, EVERYONE will attack the same way as Myau. i.e. with their nails. The codes used to do that are in this following link: http://gazetadealgol.com.br/blog/?p=1800
Non-used sprites
It's normal that during the creation o a game, some graphical or sound effect end up being left over. In the post of the Bizarre Week of Phantasy Star I – Day 4 http://gazetadealgol.com.br/blog/?p=1837 (Sprite Catalog) some NPCs left out of the game still accessible through codes were found.
City blocks
Using a walking through walls code, it was seen that some cities of the game are kind of together in the same block. In this post you can see examples and the code that was used: http://gazetadealgol.com.br/blog/?p=1853
Tarzimal before Lutz (lost text!)
Just as lost sprites, it's also possible the existence of lost TEXT being within the game code. In the case of Phantasy Star I there are some examples that you can see here: http://gazetadealgol.com.br/blog/?p=1853 But, in this particular case, there is a text which Tarzimal should talk when the party talks to him BEFORE recruiting Lutz/Noah: “And who are you? Find my pupil Noah in the Maharu Cave. Do you know him?” YES: “I've something I must tell him. Bring him here.” NO: “In that case, there is no point in further conversation.”
Korean version
The Korean version of Phantasy Star I got a whole special treatment as soon as the game is booted up.
And it doesn't stop there! The title screen was also compeltely reworked!
Phantasy Star I Deluxe (cel)
Yes, it is also possible to play PS 1 on cell phone. And this is not about emulating the Master System game.
It doesn’t have graphics as advanced as the PlayStation 2 remake, but it’s still an improved version from Master System.
The ROM is available in the Download's section of Gazeta de Algol.
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